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 Research Topics:

            - Decision-Making Systems with Imprecise and Incomplete Information in Dynamics Environments,

         - Intelligent Behaviors (Integrating Cognitive and Psychological Aspects),

            - Soft Computing (Adaptive Resonance Theory, Evolutionary Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, and Neural Networks),

          - Mobile Robotics (Human Inspired Navigation, Obstacle Avoidance Behavior, Target Localization Behavior, Behavior Coordination),

          - Computer Aided Diagnosis (Knowledge Based "Expert" Systems, Decision Support Systems),

          - Negotiation (Computer-Computer and Human-Computer, Emotion Cognition and Behavior, Multifaceted Field of Personaliy Psychology: Five Factor called Big Five Model, Distributive win-lose Integrative win-win Social-and-Personal lose-win and Without any Orientation).


 PhD Theses (Defended):  

 - Stefano Porcarelli, ''Analysis and Modeling of Dependability and Performability of Telecommunication Systems'', at Pisa University, Pisa, Italy, June 18, 2003,

 - Ouahiba Azouaoui, ''Planification et Contrôle des Comportements en Groupe des Systèmes Robotiques'', at Polytechnical National School (ENP), Algiers, Algeria,  September 20, 2006,

 - Nadia Kanaoui, "Contribution à l'Etude et à la Mise en Oeuvre d'Approches Hybrides d'Aide au Diagnostic aux Domaines Biomédical et Industriel'', at Paris-East University, Senart, France, December 17, 2007,

 - Arash Bahrammirzaee, ''Contribution à l'Etude et à la Conception d'Agents Virtuels Intelligents: Application à la Simulation de Stratégies de Séquences de Négociation'', at Paris-East University, Senart, France, December 14, 2010.

 - Dalel Kanzari, "Keywords: Negotiation with Incomplete Information, emotional-cognitive behaviors (decision-making systems integrating cognitive and psychological aspects of the human reasoning)", at Tunis University, Tunisia, October 08, 2011.



 Complex Systems Society 


 International Review Committee in Complex Systems (IRCCS)

  3rd International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence - Technologies and Applications (ICCCI 2011)

Special Session Proposal: Autonomous and Collective Decision-Making (ACDM 2011)



 Universal Politics and Culture 



- The 41 Places to Go in 2011, The New York Times, January 07, 2011.



- Omega Lambda, ''Perceived or Undergoes Dictarure of Countries Called Developed: Fantasy or Reality  (Point of View of Omega World Citizen)'', Publication (in progress) estimated at the end of 2011.




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European Project Particication: Leonardo Da Vinci (SISINE Project), 2006-2008. 


Member of The International Journal of Applied Intelligence (Review Board) 


Member of The Technical Committee in Cybernetics (on Computational Collective Intelligence) of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society


Member of The International Program Committee (ICCCI 2011)


Special Session Chair (ICCCI 2011)


Member of The International Program Committee (IADIS ISA 2011)

Member of The International Program Committee (ICINCO ANNIIP 2011)

Member of The International Program Committee (IJCCI NCTA 2011)

Member of The International Symposium Reviewers (SCTI 2011)